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Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House doesn’t just draw inspiration from Hindustani ragas; it is home to live Hindustani music performances. This is keeping in with the parent brand’s tradition of celebrating quality and excellence across art forms, be it tea or music.

Notes that make both, enthusiasts and connoisseurs go Wah Taj! fill up the air when Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions are in progress.

From spell-binding instrumentals to mesmerising vocals, these morning rituals feature established artists from across the country.

Contemporary acoustics, vintage ambience, and most of all, an eager audience, elevate Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions into a time as special as one’s favourite cup of tea.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Prakash Sangeet & Dr. Chaitanya Sangeet

This Father's Day, witness musical brilliance come to life with the father-son maestro duo, Dr. Prakash Sangeet, a gifted singer, and Dr. Chaitanya Sangeet, a table player. Catch their spirited and scintillating performance LIVE at Taj Mahal Tea House.

Time : 16st June 2019 I 10:00 am.

Location : Bandra West.


Shalmalee Joshi

A vocalist par excellence and an exponent of the Jaipur Gharana, Shalmalee Joshi will be accompanied by her son Tejovrush Joshi, who is a skilled musician himself and one of the best tabla players of the younger generation. Watch this mother- son duo create magic with their performance as they perform on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Time : 12th May 2019 I 10:00 a.m.

Location : Bandra West.


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Artists who made us go Wah Taj!

Tanveer Singh Sapra

A young and energetic singer who has trained under the eminent Gwalior Gharana singer Vidushi Neela Bhagwat. Besides Hindustani art music, he is well versed in Punjabi folk music, sabad and spiritual music of all hues.

Date Performed: 14th April 2018

Farooque Latif

An outstanding Sarangi player, he is the son and pupil of the great Abdul Latiff Khan who was venerated as a maestro. Farooque has played in all major festivals of the country and has also represented India at international events.

Date Performed: 24th March 2018