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The Tea Tasting Ceremony

The Tea Tasting Ceremony

The sun streaming into the patio, blooming carnations sitting pretty, and notes of Hindustani Classical music giving way to the aroma of freshly steeped tea… This isn’t a scene out of the ordinary; it’s what you can expect at each edition of the Taj Mahal Tea House Tea Tasting Ceremony.

Hosted on select mornings, the Tea Tasting Ceremony are knowledge sessions that you can register for at a price. The ceremony is our way of introducing you to the subtle nuances that make each cup of tea unique. If were to put it in the host’s and India’s leading Tea expert Sandeep Mathur’s words, “The beauty of tea lies in its hidden notes, delicate aromas, and rare flavours.” And it is precisely such beauty that we seek to introduce to our guests over cups of exotic tea and fine blends.

Our Tea Expert

Sandeep Mathur

Sandeep Mathur has been a Tea lover right from his childhood days. From hours of gazing meditatively at the decorated tea boxes to being amazed at the serpentine black and twisted leaf, Sandeep was always deeply connected with tea.
After many years, Sandeep joined Brooke Bond in the ‘Tea Saleroom’ division that was the nucleus of Tea Tasting, Buying and Blending operations of the company. And 25 years later in this division, he was rich with excellent experiences that took him to the vast landscapes of tea estates across Guwahati, Siliguri, and Cochin.
Sandeep has also travelled overseas, coming across various estates and their tea. Blending, quality control, insights into consumer trends, and developing customized recipes are just some feathers in Sandeep's hat.