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Know Our Tea

Know our tea

At the core of our exceptional tea experiences is a signature approach, which begins with ensuring that we source only from the finest tea regions in India – Darjeeling and Assam.

Crafted to deliver to those with a taste for fine Indian tea, our Signature Tea Gifts bring together two varieties – Crush, Tear, and Curl (CTC) tea blends, with select spices and orthodox whole leaf tea. Together these offer a unique, quintessentially Wah Taj experience.

The signature approach concludes with a belief that an exceptional tea experience is born when a tea matches the connoisseur’s mood, occasion, and palate.
Therefore, our Signature Tea Collection ranges from subtle to strong, and from traditional to experimental.

CTC Blends – An ode to the spice route

Two coveted Spice Route currencies that are today steeped in Indian tradition — tea and spices —
come together in our range of gourmet Chai blends, born in our chef’s kitchen. Premium Brooke
Bond Taj Mahal Tea is blended with authentic spices and herbs to create distinct sensorial
experiences, from sharply stimulating to richly comforting. The natural restorative qualities (or properties) 
present in the tea leaves are thus elevated.

Bold Spices Tea

Karipatta Delight Tea

Parsi Mint Tea

Royal Saffron Tea

Black Tea – An exquisite tradition

Our Black Tea collection includes Darjeeling Tea, Single Estate Tea, and Handcrafted Tea.
Carefully plucked by hand and then rolled using the traditional ‘orthodox’ method, each of these
make for exquisite tea leaves, rich with an exotic bouquet of flavours. When steeped, the leaves
transform, rendering the tea a distinct colour, taste, and aroma. The unparalleled sweet,
musky flavour that is characteristic of Darjeeling Tea, the artisanal exclusivity of Single Estate
Tea, and the strong gourmet flavours of expertly Handcrafted Tea, make for exceptional Orthodox tea experiences.

Darjeeling 2nd Flush Tea

Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea

Assam Flaming Hue Tea

Smoky Mountain Tea

Misty Oolong Tea