Single Estate Tea (Non Milky)

Expert tea sommeliers work with artisans on select estates in Assam and Darjeeling to bring to life characteristics exclusive to the estate’s terroir. Produced in small batches, these tea feature a bouquet of subtle flavours that merit a connoisseur’s attention. Find your favourite.

Delicate tasting green tea from Darjeeling for tea connoisseurs

Rs. 399/-

A strong single estate Assam tea that is savoured for its rare, delicate floral flavour.

Rs. 499/-

Connoisseurs’ favourite Darjeeling tea, comes with a sweet and fruity muscatel flavour

Rs. 699/-

A rare single estate tea,nurtured on the highest slopes of Darjeeling for a heady floral flavour.

Rs. 1,199/-
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Handcrafted tea combos. A Raksha Bandhan Special. Buy Now