Limited Edition Darjeeling Autumn Wonder Tea

(100 g)

Limited Edition Darjeeling Autumn Wonder Tea

(100 g)

A single estate tea that evokes emotions of awe from tea connoisseurs, the Darjeeling Autumn Wonder Tea makes for a coveted, treasured, and well-appreciated experience.
The Darjeeling Autumn Wonder Tea is a rare and heady cup of tea, best enjoyed without milk. 

This product includes: 1 tea tin (100 grams)
Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

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Darjeeling Autumn Wonder Tea

Grown only on the highest slopes of the estate, this tea breathes the pure Himalayan air and soaks in the dazzling sunlight. Come autumn, its leaves sweeten and release an intoxicating rosy aroma, at which time they are quickly plucked before the cool mountain breeze turns into the icy winds of winter. A rare and heady floral note makes its way into our awaiting teacups. This is why connoisseurs regard it as one of the finest varieties of single estate tea.

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