Crystal Tea Gift Box

Here’s a gift box that’s sure to be appreciated by those who associate their cup of tea with good health. Leaves of the Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea, Misty Oolong Tea, and Darjeeling First Flush Tea make for gifts that are as delicate as refreshing. This tea is best enjoyed without milk.


Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea – A delicate tea with refreshing taste

Misty Oolong Tea - A handpicked delicate tea with buttery after taste

Darjeeling First Flush – The season's first pick tea with brisky floral taste


This Gift box includes: 3 tea tins

Gift box Dimensions: 13" x 7.25" x 4"


The price of this premium gift box includes the cost of the tea & the gift box. Units are not available individually. 


Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

Product Information

Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea

The Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea owes its prized qualities to the high-altitude plantations where it is grown. This green tea is very delicate and immensely subtle, with a characteristic bright yellow-green colour.

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Misty Oolong Tea

This tea is expertly grown and handpicked a mile above sea level, in a place bathed in mist and sunshine. The winter harvest gives it buttery smooth characteristics.

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Darjeeling 1st Flush Tea

The Darjeeling First Flush Tea is one of the most prized tea in the world. It is sourced during the first plucking of new leaves and buds from the onset of spring in March through the month of April. Coming from the first harvest of the new season, this unique tea has a brisk, floral flavour with a light-coloured hue.

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