Bahar 24K Gold Plated Teapot Gift Box

The Bahar 24K Gold Plated Teapot is especially designed for those who enjoy hosting elegant tea rituals. Inspired by a midnight raga associated with a gorgeous spring bloom, this gift box makes for one splendid gesture.


This Gift box includes: 1 fine bone china teapot.


The price of this premium gift box includes the cost of the merchandise & the gift box. Units are not available individually. 

Product Information

Bahar Collection Teaware

Inspired by Taj Mahal’s intricate floral engravings, the Bahar Collection features black flowers swirling in a gentle breeze. They go on to settle on a white, pristine surface, reminiscent of the monument’s luminous marble. The teapot, which is also in classic monochrome, sees a floral motif in black, overlaying the lid, which rests on the white pot. Adding a regal touch is the 24-karat gold finishing on the knob sitting atop the lid, delicate handle, and spout. 

Teaware Details