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Bahar 24K Gold Plated Gift Set for Four with Assam Flaming Hue Tea and Accessories

Bahar 24K Gold Plated Gift Set for Four with Assam Flaming Hue Tea and Accessories

Designed to inspire royal tea ceremonies, the Bahar 24K Gold Plated Gift Set for Four is extravagance personified. Borrowing a rich mood from the raga that celebrates the glory of a spring night in full bloom, it makes for a luxurious statement. 
The Flaming Hue Tea is an Assam Whole leaf, strong tea with floral taste best enjoyed without milk. Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour


This Gift box includes: 1 tea tin (100 grams), a set of 4 fine bone china cups and saucers, timer and infuser. 

Gift Box Dimensions: (18" x 10" x 4")


The price of this premium gift box includes the cost of the tea, the merchandise & the gift box. Units are not available individually. 

Product Information

Bahar Collection Teaware

Inspired by Taj Mahal’s intricate floral engravings, the Bahar Collection features black flowers swirling in a gentle breeze. They go on to settle on a white, pristine surface, reminiscent of the monument’s luminous marble. Floral motifs in black adorn the saucer. This creates a striking contrast with the cup. And the beauty is augmented with the rim and handle, which have been elegantly finished in 24-karat gold plating.

The timer and the infuser further augment the exquisite tea drinking experience offered by this gift set. 

Teaware Details

Assam Flaming Hue Tea

The finest quality clonal tea bushes from an Assam tea estate, the gentlest pair of hands, and the most tender tea buds — these result in perfectly rolled whole leaves with bright golden tips and bloom. When brewed, we get a distinct Assam brew, rich and robust, but balanced with a delicate floral flavour.

Brewing information



Our infuser helps brew every cup of tea to perfection.
Directions for use:
1. Push open and add the tea leaves in the infuser. Close the infuser and insert it in hot water. 
2. Let it remain in hot water, as per the time indicated on the selected tea. 
3. After steeping, remove the infuser from the cup and empty the tea leaves.


Steep the tea for the right amount of time for a perfect taste and flavour. 
Begin by simply placing this two-minute timer with all the sand on the top. When all the sand trickles down to the lower chamber, two minutes are up.