Valentine Gift Box II

A perfect gift for couples who are looking forward to spend this Valentine’s in each other’s relaxing company. It packs two refreshing experiences – our delicate tasting Green Tea, and the energizing Parsi Mint Tea – to transform quiet moments of togetherness into intimate memories of a lifetime.


The Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea is filled with immense goodness in a gentle form. It is best appreciated by those who like their tea to deliver a finely rejuvenating time. This is a delicate tea with refreshing taste best enjoyed without milk.


The Parsi Mint Tea (Chai) draws strength from herbs, such as ginger, mint and lemongrass. It is perfect for those who seek much inspiration in their tea. 


This Gift box includes: 2 tea tins (100 grams each)

The price of this premium gift box includes the cost of the tea & the gift box. 


Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

Product Information

Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea

The Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea owes its prized qualities to the high-altitude plantations where it is grown. This green tea is very delicate and immensely subtle, with a characteristic bright yellow-green colour.

Brewing information

Parsi Mint Tea (Chai)

Packed with an invigorating combination of ginger, mint, and scented tones of lemongrass, Parsi Mint Tea (Chai) is pure comfort in a cup. It comprises a revitalising infusion that has been known to inspire ideas and spark lively conversations.

Brewing information