Valentine Gift Box I

This gift box is perfect for a couple with contrasting tastes. Featuring two distinct moods – the delicate tasting Green Tea and the fiery Bold Spices Tea – gift this to celebrate love & affection. This Valentine, let tea be the exotic ingredient in moments of togetherness.


The Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea is filled with immense goodness in a gentle form. It is best appreciated by those who like their tea to deliver a finely rejuvenating time. This is a delicate tea with refreshing taste best enjoyed without milk.


The Bold Spices Tea (Chai) is a traditional Indian milky tea, bursting with rich spices. This tea promises a perfect gift for those who like to start their mornings on a strong note.


This Gift box includes: 2 tea tins (100 grams each)

The price of this premium gift box includes the cost of the tea & the gift box. 


Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

Product Information

Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea

The Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea owes its prized qualities to the high-altitude plantations where it is grown. This green tea is very delicate and immensely subtle, with a characteristic bright yellow-green colour.

Brewing information

Bold Spices Tea (Chai)

You first notice the bold flavours of clove, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon. And, after a moment, the fiery red chilli and black pepper make their presence felt. It’s the perfect elixir for spice seekers.

Brewing information