Limited Edition Misty Oolong (50g) & Royal Saffron Gift Box (50g)

Limited Edition Misty Oolong (50g) & Royal Saffron Gift Box (50g)

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As the leaves of the handcrafted Misty Oolong Tea unfurl gently to come to life, it renders a visual brilliance and charm that is best appreciated by those with a love for the truly unique.
The Misty Oolong tea is a handpicked delicate tea with buttery after taste, best enjoyed without milk.

Celebrating one of the world’s most coveted spices, the exotic Kashmir Saffron, when added to the Indian milky tea (Chai), makes for an extravagant experience. This tea is perfect for those with a royal taste.


This product includes: 1 gift box, 2 tea tins (Misty Oolong - 50 gms, Royal Saffron Tea (Chai) -50 gms).


Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

Product Information

Limited Edition Misty Oolong Tea

This tea is expertly grown and handpicked a mile above sea level, in a place bathed in mist and sunshine. This gives it buttery smooth characteristics.

Brewing information

Royal Saffron Tea (Chai)

The magical landscape of Kashmir serves up more than enchanting views; the beautiful flavours, for one. The magic behind this aromatic and delicate brew can be attributed to its key ingredient: saffron, one of the rarest and prized spices in the world. 

Brewing information