Black Tea Classic Assortment Gift Box

Three intensely striking experiences, each vastly unique in their appeal, come together in the Black Tea Classic Assortment gift box. Together, the Smoky Mountain Tea, Misty Oolong Tea, and Assam Flaming Hue Tea are sure to impress those who appreciate a cup of tea that arouses the senses, powerfully.

Smoky Mountain Tea – Handcrafted smoked tea – A distinctly strong cup of tea
Misty Oolong Tea – A handpicked delicate tea with buttery after taste
Flaming Hue Tea -  Assam Whole leaf tea – A strong tea with floral taste

This Gift box includes: 3 tea tins

Gift box Dimensions: 13" x 7.25" x 4"


The price of this premium gift box includes the cost of the tea & the gift box. Units are not available individually. 


Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

Product Information

Smoky Mountain Tea

The key to this strong tea is in its preparation. It takes a practiced eye for selecting the right wood. And an expert hand for smoking tea leaves to the right degree. You can taste the perfection in every sip of this distinct, earthy brew.

Brewing information

Misty Oolong Tea

This tea is expertly grown and handpicked a mile above sea level, in a place bathed in mist and sunshine. The winter harvest gives it buttery smooth characteristics.

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Assam Flaming Hue Tea

The finest quality clonal tea bushes from an Assam tea estate, the gentlest pair of hands, and the most tender tea buds — these result in perfectly rolled whole leaves with bright golden tips and bloom. When brewed, we get a distinct Assam brew, rich and robust, but balanced with a delicate floral flavour.

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