Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions NEW

Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House doesn’t just draw inspiration from Hindustani ragas; it is home to live Hindustani music performances. This is keeping in with the parent brand’s tradition of celebrating quality and excellence across art forms, be it tea or music.

Notes that make both, enthusiasts and connoisseurs go Wah Taj! fill up the air when Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions are in progress.

From spell-binding instrumentals to mesmerising vocals, these morning rituals feature established artists from across the country.

Contemporary acoustics, vintage ambience, and most of all, an eager audience, elevate Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions into a time as special as one’s favourite cup of tea.

Upcoming Events

Farooque Latif

Join us to celebrate the auspicious festival of Gudi Padwa with a soulful performance by Sarangi player, Farooque Latif. The son and pupil of the great Abdul Latif Khan, his command of the instrument is exemplary.

Time : 24th Mar I 10:00 a.m.

Location : Bandra West.


Viraj Amar

This Women’s Day, join us for a melodious performance by Hindustani Music vocalist, Viraj Amar. She is equally adept at singing Bhajans, Thumris and Tappas and has enthralled audiences all over the world.

Time : 10th Mar I 10:00 a.m.

Location : Bandra West.


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