Mothers Day

#InspiredByMoms, Curated By Chefs

Our chefs have carefully brought together tea recipes inspired from Mom’s kitchens across the country. So, bring home the perfect cup of tea and experience the same love and warmth in our signature blends.

Karipatta Delight Tea

Straight from the heart of South India comes a tea with sharp, refreshing notes for stimulating teatime experience.

Royal Saffron Tea

The exotic Saffron from Kashmir finds its way in this aromatic and delicate brew for an extravagant experience.

Parsi Mint Tea (Chai)

The flavours of western India come together for a cup of comfort. A revitalizing infusion of ginger, mint, and lemongrass, known to spark conversations.


Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea

The goodness of Darjeeling poured into this delicate produce of high-altitude plantations for a subtle and rejuvenated feeling.

Darjeeling Autumn Wonder Tea

Infused with pure mountain air and dazzling sunlight of Darjeeling, this tea carries a heady floral note that makes it a coveted and treasured experience.

Assam Flaming Hue

An eastern marvel from Assam, this tea is of a rich and robust body with a floral flavor and intense colour that gives the tea its name.


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