Whole Leaf Tea

Whole Leaf Tea

Each of our whole leaf tea offers an exotic bouquet of flavours. Take your pick from a range of Darjeeling tea, single-estate tea, and handcrafted tea, all of which are best savoured without milk.

A rare single estate tea with a heady floral flavor

Rs. 1,199/-

Every connoisseur’s choice; immensely tender single-estate tea leaves

Rs. 999/-

Delicate tasting green tea from Darjeeling for tea connoisseurs

Rs. 399/-

A strong single estate Assam tea with delicate floral flavour

Rs. 499/-

Handpicked delicate tea, harvested in winter for buttery smooth flavours

Rs. 549/-

Connoisseurs’ favourite Darjeeling tea, comes with a sweet and fruity muscatel flavour

Rs. 699/-

Treasured by connoisseurs, it is harvested in the first tea picking season

Rs. 749/-

A handcrafted tea; smoked to perfection by experts for an earthy brew

Rs. 949/-
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